Patients’ Journey

Post Pregnancy Weight Gain

Devi is a Stay-at-home mom with 5 kids. She lost 8 kg after being in the program for 4 months. Her last reading with us 7 months later, she has lost another 2 kg. In total, she lost 10kg and was able to maintain her weight after 7 months.

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Fatty Liver Disease

Patient B came to the clinic to take his weight and blood test in Feb 2017. When the test results came back, we discovered that he had fatty liver. His ALP results were very high at 112U/L and the normal range is 3 – 40 U/L. After one month of being on the EmpowerMe™ program, his ALT dropped to 78 U/L. As he continued the program, his ALT dropped to 47 U/L which was very close to normal level. At the same time, his weight has gone down to the accepted level.

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