Patient B, 38, had his first weigh-in and blood test on 09 Feb 2017. His blood test included an alkaline phosphatase level (ALP) test. The test measures the amount of alkaline phosphatase enzyme in the bloodstream.

His ALP was very high at 112U/L. The normal range for ALP is 3 – 40 U/L. The high ALP indicated that Patient B had fatty liver. This meant that there was a build-up of fat in the liver which could hinder its function. If action is not taken to reduce the fat build-up, it can lead to liver cirrhosis (scarring) and may cause permanent damage.

Fortunately, if one modifies his lifestyle and makes healthy changes, fatty liver can be reversed and healing can take place.

Patient B’s ALT, as of 09 Feb 2017

Killer Discipline

Patient B was committed to the EmpowerMe™ programme. After 1 month, his ALT dropped to 78 U/L. As he continued on the programme, his ALT was reduced to 47 U/L which was very close to normal level.

Patient B’s ALT, as of 09 Mar 2017

Patient B’s ALT, as of 29 Mar 2017

At the same time, his weight went down to an acceptable level. Because he was so disciplined and followed the EmpowerMe™ programme religiously, he lost 5kg in 1 month. The speed of his weight loss so astounded his colleagues that they were very concerned and asked if he was all right. They were very excited when they heard about the EmpowerMe™ programme.

Patient B’s Weight Chart

At the end of the journey, Patient B not only had his liver restored, he felt and looked all right.