Devi with her fourth child

Devi, after losing 10kg

Hectic Life

The first thing you notice about Devi, 36, is how happy, approachable and forthcoming she is. Devi used to be a nurse. After getting married and having her first child, she became a stay-at-home mom and now has 5 children.

When Devi outlined a day in her life, where she had to take her kids to school and enrichment lessons and how she only had time to clean up the house in the evening, you understand why she had no time to have proper meals and why she would relish big meals she ordered to be delivered to her home after midnight.

By and by, not only did the baby weight not go away, her indulgence of big late-night meals after a full day of starvation led to a gradual weight gain. Before she knew it, she had gained 20kg.

I used to be called a skinny bean pole in my youth!” she exclaimed, almost finding it hard to believe how she could be so different now from what she used to be.

Making the Decision

She decided that she needed a change. “I’m only 36, but I find that I looked old and unattractive. I didn’t want to look like an auntie anymore,” she explained.

It was not that she had not tried before. She had embarked on the entire gamut of weight-loss programmes from cutting out carbs totally to going on liquid dinners and having protein shakes as meal supplements. However, they did not work for her as she was left hungry and exhausted and she could only sustain any new diet for a month at the most. When she stopped, the weight came right back on.

When she was introduced to the EmpowerMe™ programme, she found the programme extremely doable. There were no restrictions on food so she never developed the usual cravings that would upset her diet plan. She was also assured that her weight loss would be monitored by a doctor.

“If I have celebrations or buffets and eat more than I should, I may put on a kilo, but I am so confident of this programme that I don’t despair. I just go back on the programme and lose the weight,” she said.

Devi had lost 8 kg after being on the EmpowerMe™ program for 4 months. At her last weigh-in 7 months later, she lost another 2 kg. In total, she lost 10 kg and was able to maintain her weight after 7 months.

“My husband thinks I look healthier. He is very happy,” Devi said, smiling.

Her friends have also noticed her weight loss and two of them have signed up to be on this programme and are progressing well on their weight-loss journeys.

Cancer Prevention Bonus

The cancer prevention component of the EmpowerMe programme was especially meaningful to Devi as her grandmother passed away at 60 years of age from lung cancer even though she led a healthy lifestyle. Devi’s grandfather, 83, has prostate cancer. Her father has mild diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidaemia. Her concern that she and her children may be predisposed to such conditions due to their genes made her appreciate the EmpowerMe programme even more.

“Now my aim is to lose as much weight as possible to get to a healthy Body Mass Index to prevent cancer,” Devi remarked.

Devi is also looking forward to the next phase of the programme, the Sigma diet, which trains her on the selection and preparation of food to maximise its cancer-prevention properties.

Empowering the Family

Devi is not the only one who is familiar with the programme. Her older children know it too and would constantly remind her to eat healthy and stick to the plan.

Devi feels that not only has the programme benefited her and made her healthy and feel good about herself, her children are also learning about healthy eating habits from a young age and she feels assured and heartened that she has instilled in them these habits and life skills that will continue to benefit them for the rest of their lives.

“Mommy, you are not fatty-bom-bom anymore.” Devi’s three-year-old squealed.