Patients with cancer today cannot wait for the breakthrough or the small steps in treatment progress over the next 10 years.

Great progress is already being made in clinical trials at the Precision Cancer Immunology and Precision Oncology forefronts of medicine.

TrialPlanner is formalized to help our clients find the best clinical trial treatment options that are available for them at these forefronts.


TrialPlanner is a report that is expertly formulated to provide our clients with the best comprehensive and strategic information on the latest clinical trial treatment options available for their unique cancer case.


Our process involves the widest search possible in the world’s largest clinical trials database to ensure that we capture all trials associated with the type of cancer our clients present us with. Our doctor, according to the unique cancer case, then manually filters this initial set of trials down to produce a comprehensive list of all trials that are relevant to the case. This list of relevant trials is then classified into our uniquely formulated Precision Cancer Medicine Category system that provides our clients with a quick and intelligent overview of all the type of trials that are relevant for their case at the different forefronts of cancer medicine.


Our doctor formalizes a set of strategic management options or possibilities for our clients according to their unique cancer case and the current landscape of relevant trials generated from our comprehensive search and categorization process.